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Material Volume: cm3
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Estimated Price:

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Transparent resin
    • SLA White Resin
    • SLS Nylon(PA12/2200)
    • SLA Translucent Resin
    • SLA Transparent Resin
    • FDM PLA
    • SLS Nylon Glassfilled(PA3200 GF)
    • MJF Nylon(PA12)
    • Colorful Sandstone
    • SLA Black Resin
    • SLS Nylon EX(EX Natural)
    • Polyjet VeroWhite Resin
    • MJP Detailed Resin(Visijet M3-X)
    • Detailed Cast Resin
    • Castable Wax(Visijet M3 Hi-Cast)
    • Castable Wax(Visijet M3 CAST)
    • Castable Wax HD(Solidscape)
    • Tangoblack Flex Rubber
The estimator is only for reference, the estimated price might vary a lot from actual quotation, metal materials are not included, please request official quotes.

1. How to estimate the cost of the model?

– Drag and drop your 3D model(can be zipped file with multiple parts) to the preview canvas.

– Select the material you want.

– Check the Estimated Price for the uploaded parts.

– Submit the request, upload the parts you want to make.

2. What file formats are supported?

3D Model: stl,obj,stp,step,igs,iges,

2D Image: png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp (It will lead you to generate a lithophane based on the image)

Zip file(.zip) with multiple 3D models or colorful model file(wrl+mtl, obj+mtl+jpg)

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